Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Phew, thanks to all of you who dropped by our stand at the Japan Expo/Paris Comic Con which concluded on Sunday.
Later this month we'll be heading out to the "daddy" of comic cons, as July 20 sees the San Diego Comic Con kick off, America's biggest pop culture event.
You can be sure we'll be heading home with some great new titles, along with the soar feet and weary expressions!

Which brings me round to what's new here at Pulp's Art,

SC 66pp Black + White
Essential Sequential
Eric's day job is in animation designing all sorts of stuff but occasionally he makes a foray into the world of comics.
This is another collection of private commissions and illustrations Eric has under taken in the past year.
Eric's style is very distinctive, he combines elegance and dynamism to refresh familiar characters and subjects, if you don't know his work we enthusiastically  recommend you take a look.

( Choclate is dedicated to the memory of Eric's friend Clement Sauve.)

SC 62pp Black + White
Essential Sequential
A collection of commissions for lucky fans and drawings which Tim has made in the last couple of years.
Atmospheric and stylish images in pen and gauche of brooding heroes, smoldering women and malevolent villains.

These two sketchbooks are published by Essential Sequential, we stock all their sketchbooks which include collected drawings by Mindy Lee, Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian and Andrew Robinson.

Now too often when I mention a specific title as coming soon it then doesn't, for instance I said Monster Hunter was coming soon and I'am now told to expect it in January!
Still it'll be worth the wait and I've learnt my lesson no more tempting fate by announcing a title as imminent! 
However when I said we'd have Alice Madness Returns in stock this week I wasn't mistaken, this artbook for the popular gothic fantasy computer game is indeed here and looks great.... well a bit weird actually but it's certain to be popular.

Coming soon...... some new books OK!

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