Friday, July 29, 2011

San Diego Sketchbooks Part 1

I'm nearly out of the door and off on a week's vacation but I just had to let you know about these two new arrivals, clearly the # 5 is this week's bonus #!

SC 16pp Color Black + White
Terry Dodson
A gorgeous little book of top Marvel artist Terry's commissions and development work over the last year.
Terry is currently one of the best artist for good girl art in the business.

SC 48pp Color Black + White
Chris Sanders
Another book of exquisite art from one of animation's greats, Chris has directed some of the best films of the last few years including Lilo & Stitch and How to Train Your Dragon.
This book is filled with cute little furry things and even cuter girls bearing Chris's hallmark enhanced leg strength and peripheral vision !

Another # 5 you'll find in the store very soon is pin-up master Dean Yeagle's Scribblings # 5.

We also have display copies of J Scott Campbell's White Hot and MARVELous Art, you can request we reserve copies of these books for you once our stock arrives with just a small deposit.
You can also reserve copies of the new books from Humberto Ramos, the eagerly awaited Fairy Quest graphic novel and the latest art book from his good friend Francisco Herrera, Magic Box.

OK I'm off for a week but Pulp's Art will remain open so do call in if you haven't headed off to the sun.

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  1. RATS!!! If I'd known about your site before i would've gone through you. I'll be watching for future books!!! GREAT selection!!!