Thursday, June 23, 2011


Pulp's Art, along with other members of the Pulp's Fraternity will be braving the elements, hordes and the RER B to exhibit at the the Japan Expo/Comic Con, look for our stand "Pulp's Art" # C.A. 12 in isle CA, hall 6, June 30th to July 2nd, that'll be us without the samurai swords, cat's ears or the Sailor Moon outfits!

As promised here's some images for this week's new books:-

SC 48pp Color Black + White
Comix Buro
Signed and numbered of 900 examples.
A bumper collection of drawings and illustrations from the superb artist behind Delcourt's Meka and Dargaud's Naja.

SC 48pp Color Black + White
Comix Buro
Signed and numbered of 900 examples.
Not only do you get a nice helping of his classic caricatures of the famous and infamous from politics and showbiz but you get some insight into how internationally acclaimed artist Mulatier approaches his work.

(If you like caricatures you may want to check out Kruger Faces, also on our shelves here at Pulp's Art. Kruger is held in enormous respect by his peers and is arguably the best living exponent in this specialized field of illustration, blurring the line between caricature and fine art.)

We have all the Comix Buro sketchbooks in print available at Pulp's Art, if you aren't yet familiar with this excellent series - inspired by the self published books US artists sell at conventions - then do call in and get to know them, each contains a good mix of sketches and finished art by great artists in the field of animation and BD.

HC 249pp Color
Dark Horse
Playboy magazine always had great cartoonist providing cheeky gags for its swinging readers, Dean Yeagle is one of the hot talents Hef currently has on the case but one of the most fondly remembered is Doug Sneyd, a regular contributor since 1964.
This lavish book includes 300 published pieces as well as sketches and essays about Doug and the distinctive, shapely "Sneyd" girl.

Pulp's Art isn't the kind of shop to have a section behind a beaded curtain but we do have a glamour, pin-up, cheese cake section for Gentlemen to relish!

HC 172pp Color Balck + White
Gingko Press
Wow, it's as if someone took all of the the anger on the streets of Athens and  Damascus and threw it onto a canvas and they then picked that up and hurled that into a book, this book in fact!
Yes more angry edgy art from Alex Pardee with a tip of the hat to the obvious influence of British illustrator Gerald Scarfe.

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