Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This week we strike a balance between the cutting edge art of right now and classics which withstand the test of time, here's a selection of this week's arrivals, so far.

D'Artiste: Character Design
SC with slipcase 208pp Color
Ballistic Publishing
Each edition of D'Artiste serves up a generous portion of CG artwork with a slice of educational how they do it.
Anne Pogoda and Kekai Kotaki provide illustrated tutorials about designing characters as well as gallery sections.

Exposé # 8
SC 224pp Color, Black + White
Ballistic Publishing
Ballistic's regular collection of the very best in digital artwork from around the world, characters, environments, settings, vehicles and crafts are all featured by top talents in the fields of design and illustration.

Exotique # 6
SC 208pp Color Black + White
Ballistic Publishing
The same concept as Exposé, the best digital art from everywhere but concentrating on character art, so lots of sexy girls and hulking brutes naturally!

( We have just about every Ballistic book in print in stock, so if you like your CG/Digital artwork we'll be happy to see you at Pulp's Art.)

Constructing Green Lantern
HC 208pp Color
The trailer for this summer block buster - based on one of DC's leading lights - looks a lot of fun. This heavily illustrated book gives you a low down on how they created the look and effects for the intergalactic romp.

Femmes Fatales
SC 108pp Black + White
Yes one hundred of Mike's wild women, buxom barbarian and voluptuous vampires, no librarians though!

SC 128pp Color, Black + White
This is a great retrospective look at Mike's career in illustration and comics. If you liked EC and Warren comics back in the day, or the pulp paperback covers of Frank Frazett and Jeff Jones then you'll enjoy tripping down memory lane in Mike's company.

Black & White Images # 5
SC 106pp Black + White
John Vadeboncoeur Jr
Each year for the past five John has released a book of images from his extensive collection of classic illustration in pen and ink, a particular delight in this latest album is the humorous historical pieces by Will Crawford.

(We have a copy of each of the previous numbers which are now out of print, we also have copies of John's Illustration magazine including the latest issue # 12.)

While we're on the subject of classic illustration among the books in a recently acquired collection there are books by Franklin Booth, J. Celement Cole, Rackham, Remington, Rockwell, Russell and Wyeth that might be to your taste.

Coming soon... books from Spain, Singapore and lots more!

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