Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We started the week with some really exciting deliveries including new releases, crucial restocks and some beautiful rare and out of print books.
Crucial restocks included some of Dean Yeagle's self published pin-up books including Mandy Godiva, Mandy Morning and Scribblings # 3.
We also received a very small quantity of the much sought after film book Art of District 9.
The rare and out of print books we received includes "western art" by Robert Lougheed, Frank c McCarthy and Kenneth Riley, and a selection of books by one of the greats from the last golden age in British illustration, Angus McBride.
Books by Angus include a selection of books featuring ancient and barbarian  warriors and the extremely rare collection of covers for Iron Crown Games Characters of Middle Earth.

Mention of Angus McBride leads me to presenting our first new arrival:-

The Bumper Book of Look & Learn
HC 256pp Color, Black + White 
An amazing collection of features from the celebrated British educational magazine of the 60s and 70s. 
Look & Learn assembled an amazing line up of artists including Angus Mcbride, Ron and Gerry Embleton, Fortnino Matania, Peter Jackson, Patrick Nicolla, Richard Hook, Don Lawrence.. the list goes on, to depict scenes to inform and entertain its young readers.

HC 50pp Color
After his extensive run on the fan favorite Trigan Empire strip Don Lawrence illustrated another Sci-fi/Fantasy strip, Storm, and for an equally impressive run.
To celebrate 30 years of Storm the Book Place had 250 copies of this artbook printed celebrating Don Lawrence's gorgeous color work for this excellent BD.

(In the near future Pulp's Art will have the wonderful French editions of this strip, published by Toth Editions.)

An Edmund Dulac Treasury
SC 128pp Color 
Dover Publications
116 gorgeous color images span the career of this legendary French artist from the debut of the 20th Century, a particular high light are those he created for The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and Shakespeare's Tempest.

Stuart Immonen's Centifolia II
SC 128pp Color, Black + White 
Ad House Books
Centifolia was amongst our favorite sketchbooks because it revealed the true enormity of Stuart's talent.
Yes he's  the master of depicting mass destruction as wrought by super powered beings but he also makes delicate and subtle studies of all sorts of stuff and he makes whimsical and ironic comic strips with his wife Kathryn.
Anyway we've got Centifolia back in stock and a second helping of Stuart's unpublished artwork in Centifolia II and yet again it's a sublime book!

A customer asked if we could get anything by Mike Hoffman, we contacted Mike and were frankly surprised by his prolific out put but happy to sign up for some of it.
Shortly we'll be receiving some prints by Mike as well as yet more books but meanwhile you can get a good fix of his dynamic, EC comics and Pulp influenced art in these great and affordable self publications.

SC 72pp Clr, Black +White
Is an overview of Mike's output over the past 5 years, accompanied by his interesting comments on the whys and wherefores of its coming about.

Lost Art
SC 48pp Color Black + White
Mike serves up a generous helping of his earliest professional work from the dawn of the digital age!

Secret Sketchbook The Lost Years 1975- 95
SC 72pp Black + White
A great collection of the humorous and sensual sketches, approved by famed animator Bruce Tim no less!

Secrets of Drawing
SC 96pp Black + White
If you aspire to draw muscular heroes or curvy girls you wont go wrong following Mike's tips and techniques outlined in this book.

Newspaper Girls
SC 64pp Black + White
Every week for about a year Mike took a "Sharpie" marker to a page of news print and drew a lady, published here for the delectation of his fans.

The Prodogies Artbook
SC 160pp Color Black + White
Vents D'Ouest
Opening in cinemas this week is this computer generated animation film about super powered teenagers bringing a significant amount of destruction to New York.
This artbook showcases the amazing work of the talented artists who created the distinctive look for this stunning film. Amongst the principal character designers was comics superstar Humberto Ramos and his great friend the magnificently mustached Francisco Herrera!

(Each year at the San Diego Comic Con, the USA's biggest pop culture event, Francisco and Humberto debut new self published books for their fans.
This year will be no exception and the books they have planned look amazing be sure to check back at this Blog-spot to find out more about these titles and when they'll be on our shelves.)

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