Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello readers nothing new  to report from the USA this week, so before announcing some nifty looking books from over here, let me tell you about our plans for the 40th Annual & International Angouleme BD Festival at the end of the month.

You can find us at the usual location of La Monde des Bulles Hall # 2, rue Frères Lumière, from January 31st to February 3rd and yes this is the opening weekend of the 6 Nations, damn you comic geeks!
Anyway, as usual we'll have a selection of the best art books covering comics, games, animation and film, along with classic illustration and strips, from main stream and niche publishers.
We'll also have sketch books direct from artists you know and appreciate and others you'll enjoy discovering, we will also be debuting some advance copies from our " Spring Collection" of books co published with senior Alberto Ruiz of Trinquétte.
The three Pulp's Books /Trinquétte titles to be launched look like this,

and are by Soleil's Didier Crisse, Humanoides and Delcourt's Johan Mark Walder and Dark Horse and Akileos' JP Kalonji, each album is 48 pages of fabulous art.

Copies will be limited and the books then wont be available again until the main delivery arrives by boat from Asia some time in February.

It will be an exciting and international range featured in our " Spring Collection " with artists from as far south as Argentina, as far north as Iceland, as far west as the USA and as far east as Israel, with plenty of artists from countries in between making up the final tally of over 15 new books.
Keep checking on this Blogspot to find out exactly when these beauties go on sale.

If you love BD and or great art, why not come along to one of Europe's biggest and best celebrations of the 9th art?
There will be books and artists galore for you to enjoy, simply go to for all the info and booking details.

We turn to the celebrated Franco Belgian tradition of comics to announce,

Silas Corey: LE RESEAU AQULA # 1
HC 64pp Color
It's Spring 1917 and while the war continues to rage in the North, veteran Silas Corey must come to the aid of the French government to foil the intrigues of German spies and traitors.
An excellent tale of daring do penned by Fabien Nury and wonderfully illustrated by animation's loss and BD's boon the talented Pierre Allary.

To another fabulous artist and thoroughly nice chap now and again one who cut his teeth in animation,

HC 48pp Color
Ankama continue their adaptations of the oeuvre of Stefan Wul into comics form with this treatment by the classy duo of Yann and Didier Cassegrain of 
Piége sur Zarkass.
With Didier called upon to illustrate the adventures of two gorgeous lady adventurers exploring a strange lush environment, the emphasis is on that last syllable in the title, yay!

Finally a BD and not a Manga derived from Capcom's popular game,

HC 47pp Color
Izu writes and Pat Pion draws this tale of big coats and big swords at the disposal of our big demon batteling heros!

Next week we'll finally get some honest to goodness American books including Frank Cho's Women 2, the as big as it's beautiful MAD artist's edition and finally the new Disney Archive featuring flip books by Walt's tame "9 Old Men"!

In closing I'd like to bring to your attention the news that British high street retailer HMV, a nation wide chain of stores selling DVDs, games, books and music is in difficulties.
Bricks and motar retail stores have heavier over heads than their internet competitors, some of which are willing to operate on a margin at which a high street shop wouldn't clear their over heads and would sell at a loss to match the inernet retailers pricing.
A variety of companies have disappeared from American main streets and British high streets, they're not coming back, in many city centres and down towns it is nearly impossible to find a book shop, while more and more outlets are given over to fast food and odd sounding coffee based drinks.
I'm a consumer too and I understand the attraction of being able to buy for less but if you place a value on service, choice, encountering like minded people and being able to browse and review items before spending your money then spare a thought for real shops.
Please support your local retailers, oh and respect creators and support artists too, thanks!

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