Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hello readers, so if you follow the store's blog you will know that we'll have a stand at the Angouleme Festival next week and that we'll be debuting three books from our second wave of co editions with Trinquétte.

Well two of the artists will occasionally be joining us to sign copies of their new books at our stand at Le Monde des Bulles (Hall # 2), so if you fancy a copy of Walder The Art or Travels by Didier Crisse signed by the artist then drop by our stand.

I should make mention of our new partner in this unique publishing venture, The Labyrinth
Dan Merisanu is the owner manager of this very cool store at 386 Bloor Street W. in Toronto, Canada and he shares with ourselves and Alberto Ruiz a passion for animation, gaming and comic art, as well as illustration.
And just like Pulp's Art, The Labyrinth stocks a wide range of art books and sketch books and joining us and Alberto in publishing art books was a perfectly logical step for Dan.

So when all 18 of the exciting second wave of our co editions arrive in February you'll notice the Labyrinth's logo along side Pulp's Books and Trinquétte, we're very happy Dan is with us helping to find artists and fund publishing their work.

In closing this post I'd like to invite professional illustrators and artists to contact us if they like the idea of partnering up with us to publish a collection of their art.

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