Monday, October 22, 2012


The trinity of Pulp Stores, Toys, Comics and Art will be exposing their wares to the gaze of thousands of fans this weekend at the Paris Comics Expo, the fun runs between 10 - 19Hrs Saturday and 10 - 18Hrs Sunday at Espace Champerret.

It's not just the Pulp's fantasy emporiums which are submitting themselves to public scrutiny, oh no, the major publisher's over here of translated comics from the US are coming along, such as Delcourt, Panini and Urban.

Celebrities from cult films and TV shows such as Star Wars, Stargare, Ghost Busters and others will be part of the mix; they'll be signing autographs and telling you just how nice and talented George Lucas and the McGiver feller were back in the day.
While fans of Back to the Future can have their picture taken with a perfect replica of the film's Delorean time machine, car, thingy.

And what's a Comic Expo without super star artists? 
I'll tell you, an Expo without star artists is a sad affair, so to ensure everyone's happiness it's a veritable Milky Way of artists illuminating the Paris Comix Expo heavens.
From the New World Guillem March, Sean Murphy, Mike Huddelston, Jock and Terry Dodson are coming, from the soon to be dis United Kingdom we'll be joined by Simon Bisley and John Higgins and from our own fractious continent Olivier Coipel, Didier Crisse and Viktor Kalvachev, will be cheering up proceedings!

Terry and Viktor both have exhibitions and sales of their art opening this week, Thursday evening get the skates on as you'll need to hustle round town as both shows and sales enjoy a gala opening with the artists in attendance.
Terry's work from Songe will be showing at the Galerie 9em Art, while Viktor's work from Blue Estate will be showing at the Galerie Arludik.

For more info visit these sites,

See you this weekend I hope, meanwhile stay safe.

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