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Hello readers, not so many new books to digest this week but a lot of info to engage you.

Now I've mentioned earlier this week the Paris Comics Expo happening over this coming weekend, well the news relating to it gets more exciting as we draw closer to the big event. 
As well as dragging John Higgins, Guillem March, Jock and Sean Murphy away from their drawing boards, Urban Comics will be smuggling Scalped artist R.M. Guera off the reservation and Riccardo Burchielli has their permission to quit the DMZ to be at the show.

In addition we'll be premiering in France Digital Banana's fabulous sculpture, Banana Girl, designed by Pixar artist Bill Presing and sculpted by Anders Ehrenborg.

Cute isn't she, enough to get your magnesium and potassium levels rising? Well supposedly there's also a rare and very cheeky nude variant, so pop along to Paris Comics Expo in Espace Champerret this weekend to ensure you are one of the lucky few to own a piece.
We'll also have of some of Bill's great books at our stand as well, for those whose budget or space wont accomodate collectibles.

So, to the new titles this week and hot on the heels of Totally Mad comes another idiotic treat,

HC 272pp Color, Black + White
Running Press
Mort began working for Mad in 1956 and he's still at it! His caricatures of TV and movie stars for the famous Mad parodies are many fans' favorite memories of the 60 year old humor publication; some of the more illustrious of those fans have submitted their appreciation of Mort's satirical skills to this project, despite being on the receiving end .
This handsome tome reprints the best of the TV and Movie satires, along with one off pieces Mort illustrated in these past 50 years, selected by Mort and his editors and so an instant classic.

Britain's 2000 AD isn't yet 60 but at 35 they must be doing something right, and you don't get much further to the right than,

HC 272pp Color
2000AD is the home of Judge Dredd and a host of other colorful characters, most of them more fun then the fascistic lawman of the future.
Frankly the deadpan Dredd is a flat canvas for the creators, who are meant to enjoy themselves developing the further bizarre and extreme characters who make up the cast of his allies and adversaries and the weird future they inhabit, which is realy our era but on steroids and class A drugs.
Clearly I'm not a big fan but  they don't need my approval, there are fans a plenty for the comics, books, games and now a second feature film and what I can't argue with is the calibre of the talent called upon to depict Dredd down the years.
2000 AD has nurtured just about every outstanding comic talent from the UK and Ireland.
So to his many fans do enjoy this feast of what you'd probably call Zarjaz artwork culled from the comic's covers over the last 35 years, and featuring work by fantastic artists such as misters Bolland, Dillon, Fegrado, Irving, Staples and Walker.

From one crazed future to another now as we head waaay out west in the company of mule and the Shaolin Cowboy,

SC 96pp Black + White
Dark Horse
OK straight away let me tell you this isn't a comic book but a pulp novella heavily illustrated by SC's creator the peerless Geoff Darrow. Yes the deranged drawings of Geoff are combined with the wacky words of Andrew Vachss to tell a thrilling blood stained tail of the Shaolin Cowboy's latest frolic in gore.
Geoff's original tails of the Shaoilin Cowboy were published by Burly Man Press, who never kept it together long enough to collect this stupendous story into one magnificent volume, now cheeky blighters are demanding Somali Pirate style ransom prices for these rare and wonderful comics!
So, we fans will just have to be satisfied with this book for the time being but saints be praised because further relief is at hand, as Dark Horse prepare to release Geoff and his Shaolin Cowboy loose in further adventures some time soon.

Finally one of those rare BDs we offer, and this ones very rare nothing medium about it,

HC 48pp Color
Another story set in one of those horrible prisons in space but not just another one of those stories given this one is crafted by writer Herik Hanna and illustrator Sean Phillips.
Herik wrote the script of the well received 7 Detectives while Sean is know to readers for his work on 7 Pyschopaths and Criminal.

Finally, it beholds me to remind you once again to please call in on us at the Comic Expo this weekend.
This fine city needs an event which addresses the aspirations of those fans who like things fantastic but in addition and somewhat alternative to classic BD and Manga.
We hope this event addresses their needs and it is our intention to make this a major event which both pros and fans of comics, cult film and TV from around the world, will be putting on their calendar to attend and enjoy for years to come!

I'm looking forward to seering you there, NPJ.

Bonjour chers lecteurs, je vous ai déjà parlé de la Paris Comis Expo
qui va avoir lieu ce week-end, et je peux vous dire que les nouvelles sont de plus en plus excitantes, nous attendons des stars telle que John Higgins, Guillem March, Jock et Sean Murphy ainsi que R.M. Guera et Riccardo Burchielli .

Vous pourrez également y découvrir en avant première la fabuleuse statue de Banana Girl, pin up désignée par un des plus important artiste travaillant chez Pixar Bill Presing et sculpté par Anders Ehrenborg.

Il existe également une version nue très très limitée donc n’hésitez pas à venir au Paris Comics Expo, Espace Champerret ce week-end si vous voulez être parmi les chanceux à posséder cette statue.
Nous aurons également différents artbooks de Bill Presing avec la statue.

HC 272pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Running Press
Mort commença à travailler pour Mad en 1956 et il continue encore aujourd'hui! Ses caricatures des stars de séries TV et de films font parties des parodies de Mad les plus connues et préférées des fans.
Cet ouvrage est un best of de ces satires et de certaines illustrations faites depuis 50 ans, le tout ayant été choisi par Mort et l'editeur, déjà un classique.

HC 272pp Couleur
2000AD est la maison de Judge Dredd et d'autres personnages hauts en couleur, la plupart plus marrant que ce gardien de la paix fasciste.
Judge Dredd est parfait pour les créateurs de comics voulant explorer le bizarre et develloper des personnages extrêmes vivants dans un futur ou la société est sous stéroïdes et drogues dures.
2000AD a vu débuté tout les plus incroyables talents d'Angleterre et d'Irlande comme Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons, Duncan Fregedo et bien d'autres.
Cet artbook est donc un véritable plaisir pour les yeux, rempli d'incroyables illustrations.

SC 96pp Noir et Blanc
Dark Horse
Laissez moi tout de suite vous prévenir que cet ouvrage n'est pas un comics mais un roman écrit par Andrew Vachss et illustré par Geoff Darrow.
Découvrez donc une nouvelle aventure du Saolin Cowboy qui après plusieurs années revient avec cet ouvrage dont l'histoire devrait continuer en 2013 dans une nouvelle série de comics chez Dark Horse.

HC 48pp Couleur
Une autre histoire se passant dans une horrible prison dans l'espace mais celle ci est écrite par Herik Hanna et illustré par Sean Phillips.
Herik avait écrit le scénario des 7 détectives et Sean est connu entre autre pour Criminal.

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