Monday, May 21, 2012


So I'm beavering away in the store when in pops a colleague from Pulp's Vintage in the company of a full blooded member of the Sioux tribe from South Dakota and his charming Brazilian wife.

Now when we opened Pulp's Art we considered selling original art but on reflection we decided to leave it to the already established galleries here in Paris.
I'm relieved we did given it is highly specialized work, requiring a completely different set of skills from those of a book seller and a different cliental as well.

So to tie these threads together, John our Sioux friend is a well established avante garde artist in his wife's native Brazil and he wondered if we'd be interested in displaying some of his art in the store, given he'd had some fun painting parodies of famous comic and game characters.

Well we're about to begin offering in the store some really nice, very affordable laminates of work which has proven very popular in different formats and there's only so much wall space available here but John is such a charming feller that I offered to put some examples on the blog.

So here they are, warm, funny and naive, these takes by John of some of the best loved characters from US comics remind me of Strange covers from the 70s.


These pieces of Cap, Spidey, Spidey and CO., Surfer, Diana & Supes are 32 x 24 and 150€ each

While these pieces of Elektra and Lara Croft are 50 x 35 and 250€.

If you like these images then please contact us and we'll arrange the purchase for you.

If you want to know more about John and his art then visit his site  at

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