Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hi readers and to our Anglophone audience let me explain that BD isn't the latest visual technological gimmick but short for Bande Dessinée, the French term for good old comic books.

So yes our pal super star artist Eric Canete has illustrated one in the 7 something or others series by Delcourt, check this out!

HC 64pp Color
OK so Eric isn't really allowed to give his signature elegant dynamism full reign by Herik Hanna's script and honestly I wish they'd found a different vehicle for Eric to make his BD debut.
The story is very intricate and intelligent, as one would expect from a tale featuring the 7 finest detectives investigating a baffling case but I feel the tonnage of dialogue and exposition required to tell the fascinating story intrudes on the space of the artwork to the point that I feel the story might have been better served by a medium other than comics. 
Still this is Eric Canete we're writing about so there are certainly some interesting visuals to be found here, and like a good artist he can convey mood and atmosphere, also I'm told that any French reader partial to " Who done its" is in for a treat as Hanna's story is brilliantly constructed and very well told.

If 7 Detectives is your introduction to Eric's style and you'd like to see more, then we have his sketchbooks Egg and Chocolate available here and also his deluxe art book, Encore, as well. Believe us his art has a flamboyance and dynamism that is exhilarating, ideally suited to the scenes of dramatic action you'll find in these books. 

Et oui notre cher ami Eric Canette a dessiné l'un des volume de la collection "les 7..." aux Editions Delcourt

HC 64pp Couleur

Eric n'a pas pu réellement laisser libre cours à son style habituel ultra dynamique avec le scenario de Herik Hanna et honnetement j'aurais aimé qu'il trouve une autre histoire pour ses debuts en Bande Dessinée.
L'histoire est tres complexe et intelligente, comme on pourrais l'esperer pour une histoire mettant en scene les 7 meilleurs detectives enquetant ensemble, mais j'ai comme l'impression que la quantité de dialogues et textes requise pour raconter cette fascinante histoire etouffe le dessin à un point tel qu'elle aurait été mieux exploitée par un autre medium que la BD.
Cela reste quand même du Eric Canette, il y a donc de tres beaux dessins et etant un tres bon artiste et il arrive à créer une certaine atmosphere qui fonctionne tres bien avec ce tres bon scenario.

Si jamais vous voulez decouvrir plus de travaux d'Eric, nous avons en magasin deux sketchbooks Egg et Chocolate ainsi qu'un magnifique recueil de luxe regroupant ses travaux de 2005 à 2011.

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