Monday, March 12, 2012

R.I.P. JEAN GIRAUD, MOEBIUS 08/05/38 - 10/03/12

As on every weekday morning to help me traverse the domain between sleep and full consciousness we had radio France Culture playing, being half awake and even if fully conscious not comprehending every morsel of French being uttered I was none the less jarred to full alertness by the phrase "Moebius est decede".

As stark as that, arguably the greatest artist in the medium is gone from us. I listened as two enlightened experts then discussed his contribution and legacy as Blueberry artist Gir and as master of the strange and esoteric, Moebius.
We can of course debate what were his greatest achievements but what is in no doubt is the artist was a rare talent, one truly deserving of the over used title genius.

While reflecting on his contribution as an artist one should remember he was also a husband, farther, brother and friend, known to be a very warm and gracious person, as well as very spiritual.

So here is an admirer adding his thanks to the pleasure Jean, Moebius has given to me and many others and hoping that his family and friends can find comfort at this time given he lived a wonderful life and leaves a remarkable legacy.


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