Thursday, May 19, 2011


Welcome to the Blogspot for Pulp's Art! 

Pulp's Art aspires to be one of the best bookshops for books on illustration anywhere.

If a book or magazine exists featuring the work of an excellent illustrator, a school, a studio or a collective, then we hope to carry it, be it from an established publisher or self-published by the artist, and from just about anywhere.

Pulp's Art carries books from the USA, SpainItaly, Germany, Japan and (of course) France; and not just books but also prints, posters and postcards. We carry up to 1,000 different references, a list that is continually growing as we research new products.

We are fortunate in that we have a lot of experience and a lot of contacts which we'll be putting to good use to ensure we have an extensive range of products appealing to anyone with an interest in visual mediums and graphics.

So if you do have an interest in fine illustration, you'll find something at Pulp's Art to delight and inspire you; we hope to welcome you soon at our store. Please return to our blog, as each week I'll be explaining what's new at the store as well as dropping hints as to what's on the way.

If you are an artist or professional, please call in and introduce yourself. Who knows, we may be able to work together in some capacity.

We regret that Pulp's Art is not a full mail-order business. Certain books we carry are available on the marketplace. We can also dispatch books within France: send a cheque to Pulp's Art, including a cost of post and packing of 6,50€.

Retailers can also buy many of the books we carry from Alca Comics,

Thank you!

Nick Parry-Jones, Manager

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