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Dear Readers I'm about to close the doors for the last time in this year, to reopen again on Wednesday, that's in 2013.

To all of you, our customers, suppliers, publishers and the talented artists whose work we so admire, a productive, prosperous, peaceful and 


Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So, let's ring out the old and ring in the new for 2012 and 2013, in this probably the last post from us for this year!

Our review of the new art books for this year begins with two classics,

HC 176pp Color B+W
Titan Books
Titan continue their complete collection of Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon strip, this volume features all the strips from 1937 through to 41.
You probably know that Raymond was a perfectionist and that his work and this strip had a huge influence on subsequent artists in a variety of mediums from Frank Frazetta and Al Williamson to George Lucas.

Another great who bequeathed a hefty legacy to the comic medium was,

WOODWORK 1927 - 1981
HC 328pp Color B+W
This is the gorgeous profusely illustrated catalog for the largest career retrospective for this crucial artist held in De Palma Spain in 2010.
Wally Wood was a master of atmosphere and action, there wasn't a genre he couldn't bring something fresh to, historical epic, horror, war, science fiction, erotica he drew it all and with aplomb and a lot of it is represented here.

We have a nice selection of Wood's comic work, including these reprint volumes from IDW, Fantagraphics and Vanguard,

So, to more modern fare and a couple of books from the other side of the Pacific,

SC 128pp Color B+W
Udon Entertainment
All things visual from this popular Animie series about a guardian of rare books are featured in this heavily illustrated official guide.
So, as well as the usual design stuff, there are creator interviews and episode summaries.

SC 192pp Color B+W
Udon Entertainment
Finished art, conceptual art, pin-ups and character designs by Tony Taka,are featured in this the third collection on spins offs from the successful "Shining" saga.

We stay in the Pacific with two new books by Australian publisher Ballistic,

SC 288pp Color
Ballistic Publishing
The series which in the opinion of the publisher collects the best in digital art and it's hard to argue with their claim, for this is a pretty fabulous collection of artists covering a wide variety of subjects in an equally broad series of styles.

Full disclosure, the cover to the next book doesn't actually look quite like this, basically this is a negative because the actual cover is pristine white and that wouldn't show up too well.

SC = slip case 208pp Color B+W
Ballistic Publishing
Ace media design studio Massive Black present a new collection of their best designs from games, films, TV, etc. covering a variety of genres but with an emphasis on futuristic fire power.

While we're on the subject of great game designs, Udon have reprinted the first collection of Darksider designs to accompany the recently released volume 2.

Finally to an utterly gorgeous special edition of a wonderful BD from talented Spanish artist, Ana Miralles,

HC 112pp Color B+W
Snorgleux Editions
A deluxe edition featuring the original penciled pages and their colored counterparts, as well as lots of bonus features, such as prints and sketches in this deluxe edition limited to 150 copies.
Muraqqa tells the story of a beautiful young women in the harem of a Mogul prince, the opulence of the Indian setting allow Mirrales to indulge her passion for detailing the exotic decorative arts of foreign cultures.

So, from the new releases to the news, things will be changing for us with the New Year.

Adnan is off to concentrate on his cherished ambition to become a bonifide BD artist, we naturally wish him all the best with this.
Those of you missing him already will be comforted to know he will be covering for me while I man our stand at the Angouleme BD Festival at the end of January.
However, this means I have even more to do than sit behind the counter here looking pretty and surfing the net between bouts of engaging with customers and selling books.
Our other activities including our Internet sales, distribution, export sales, salon attendance and publishing will also require my attention and so in the New Year our hours will change.
Pulp's Art will be closed on Mondays and in the mornings of the remaining weekdays, Saturday will be the one day a week when we'll be open from 10,30 to 19,30 but with a break for lunch.

I'll take this opportunity to offer sincere thanks to all our customers for their patronage and support through out 2012, we - well I - hope to see you here again in 2013.

Finally I wish all of you a prosperous and peaceful New Year and hope we close some of the distance we still have left to travel to reach a sane and just world for all.

HC 176pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Titan Books
Titan continue de publier la collection complète des Flash Gordon d'Alex Raymond, ce second volume recueil les strips de 1937 à 1941.
Vous savez surement que Raymond était un perfectionniste et que ces strips ont eu une énorme influence sur des artistes de différents médias tel que Frank Frazetta, Al Williamson ou George Lucas.

WOODWORK 1927 - 1981
HC 328pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Voici le catalogue richement illustré de la plus large rétrospective sur la carrière de cet artiste crucial qui s'est tenue en 2010 en Espagne.
Wally Wood était un maître des ambiances et actions, il n'y avait aucun genre où il ne pouvait apporté de la fraîcheur  que ce soit historique, horreur, guerre, science fiction ou érotique  il le dessiné toujours avec beaucoup d'aplomb et une bonne partie est présenté dans ce livre.

Nous avons une bonne sélection de son travail dont l'Artist's Edition et des rééditions de chez Fantagraphics and Vanguard.

SC 128pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Udon Entertainment
Retrouvez tous les éléments visuels de cet animé dans ce guide illustré officiel.
Accompagnant les éléments visuels vous trouverez également des interviews des créateurs et un guide des épisodes.

SC 192pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Udon Entertainment
Dessins finis, travaux de recherches, pin ups et designs de personnages par Tony Taka sont recueillis dans ce troisième volume des spin offs de la saga à succès Shining.

SC 288pp Couleur
Ballistic Publishing
Voici la serie qui recueil le meilleur du Digital Art, vous retrouverez une fabuleuse collection d'artistes couvrant toute sorte de sujets dans differents styles.

SC Coffret 208pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Ballistic Publishing
Voici un nouveau recueil des meilleurs designs de jeux vidéos  films , séries TV ect..., couvrant une variété de genres.

Sachez que pour accompagné la récente sortie de l'artbook du jeux video Darsiders 2, une réédition de l'artbook du premier Darksiders est disponible depuis cette semaine.

HC 112pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Snorgleux Editions
Un tirage de tête contenant des pages en noir et blanc et leurs équivalents en couleur, ainsi que de nombreux bonus tels que un ex libris numéroté et signé, un poster et de nombreuses pages présentant des travaux de recherches.
Cette édition est limité à 150 exemplaires.
Muraqqa nous raconte l'histoire d'une magnifique jeune femme dans l'harem d'un prince Mongol, l'opulence des décors indiens permet à Anna Mirrales de laisser libre cour à sa passion de détailler les arts décoratifs exotiques de lointaines cultures.

Et pour finir, mon cher collègue Adnan nous quittant à la fin du mois les horaires du magasin vont changer.
Pulp's Art sera à partir du 2 Janvier fermé le Lundi, du Mardi au Vendredi le magasin sera ouvert l’après midi et le Samedi le magasin sera ouvert de 10h30 à 19h30 avec une pause au déjeuner.

Je voudrais finir en remerciant tous nos clients pour leur soutien durant cette année 2012 et j'espère les revoir en 2013!

Joyeuse année!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


So, let's assume Coco Bean and the other Mayans were wrong in their predictions and the world wont end tomorrow night at midnight, affording you the time to pop into Pulp's Art to pick up a hot from the press copy of:

HC 272pp Color Black + White
Harmer Design
The answer to the quesion posed by this post's title is that Hobbits are small fantasy folk created by a profesor of English, J.R.R.Tolkien, to entertain his children but which proved very popular with readers when he decided to release his stories for a general public, the wee folk then became a media sensation when a New Zealander began adapting these tales for a cinematic audience!
So, I'm sure all of you are aware Peter Jackson, who adapted Tolkien's Lord of the Rings to critical and popular acclaim, has gone back to Middle Earth to adapt Tolkien's more modest tale The Hobbit.
Well the director and his team decided to adapt the original story with a degree of license and to throw in certain subplots alluded to, or simply outlined, in the notes for the Lord of the Rings, so that now three films will be required to tell the tale.
The first film of the trilogy has already gained favorable reviews and packed cinemas, this book covers the visual development to achieve the look of this first film.
Beneath the gorgeous embossed cover is a wealth of visual detail such as only the obsessed designers of Weta Workshop would create, in collaboration with artist such as John Howe and Alan Lee, both of whom return having made enormous contributions to the earlier adaptations.
The book also includes inserts of Thorin's map and Bilbo's Burglar Contract and a small feature on the first few collectibles produced by Weta and theor associates.
So yes it's a return to Middle Earth but the look of the new characters and settings and the twists on the familiar make everything seem fresh and exciting!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hi readers, it's a small but good selection of books we feature in this our last listing of arrivals before Christmas.

Let's cut straight to one of the most eagerly anticipated books to be released in a while and a timely arrival if you follow Mayan predictions for the end of the world.

SC 200pp Color Black + White
Udon Entertainment
A heap of fabulous art by fan favorite, comic artist Joe Madureira, is featured along side designs by the team at Vigil Games in this book covering the development and promotional art for the second instalment of the Apocalyptic fantasy game, Darksiders.
The principal characters and settings for the game get plenty of coverage in this stunning and comprehensive visual guide to the new installment.
Not quite ready for the end of all things, Death brakes ranks with the other three Horseman of the Apocalypse to foil Armageddon, is the basic concept behind this amazing Gothic fantasy game derived from the Bible's cryptic Book of Revelations.

We visit a different sort of future now but one hardly more cheerful in,

HC 248pp Black + White
Grimm faced and determined, eyes always hidden by a visor ed helmet, the future law enforcer Judge Dredd was never better depicted than by Brian Bolland.
The fan favorite DC cover artist, Brain Bolland, cut his teeth on the UK's favorite action comic strip, Judge Dredd, back in the 70s and 80s.
The adventures of Judge Dredd parodied aspects of contemporary UK and US culture, some of the gags and puns are very specific but the basic story of a hard as nails law enforcer in a weird future had broad appeal.

OK let's leave all this pessimism for another day and concentrate now on the more cheerful arrivals,

2 x HC + Box, 600+pp Color Black + White 
Fantagraphics Books
Before becoming a highly respected and successful comic strip artist, Walt Kelly was one of the gifted draftsmen and women conjuring the magic for Walt Disney's animated shorts and feature films.
Having established that he was an excellent artist, you should also know he was also able to tell wonderful and humorous stories about his times, using the creatures inhabiting the Okefenokee Swamp.
Kelly's style would have an enormous influence on the comic strip and his tremendous ability ensured he enjoyed a loyal and enthusiastic readership for Pogo from it's debut in the 1940s right up to Walt's untimely death in the early 70s.
Contemporary talents as diverse as Alan Moore and Frank Cho are fans and would doubtless urge you to do your self a favor and go exploring in the Okefenokee.
Fantagraphics tracked down and scanned all the original daily and color Sunday pages for these books, which were lovingly produced in partnership with Walt's daughter Carolyn.

Finally an anthology sketch book by thee awesome artists who deserve to be much better known,

SC 48pp Color
Mindy Lee, Garett Hanna and Corry Loftis are three designers in games and animation, most recently Corry 's work was all over the wonderful Wreck it Ralph, Mindy draws like she's designing fashion ware for a Tim Burton Chanel promo while Garett has a style which for me magically combines Man Arenas and David Cooper! 
This book is available in a limited quantity, signed by all three artists and frankly couldn't look much better than it does, I'm calling it a sketch book but honestly the images are finished to the highest degree so it's really just a small art book.

OK, if anything arrives before now and next week I'll put out an announcement but if it doesn't and this is the last time I address you before the holidays we hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

SC 200pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Udon Entertainment
Une sélection de fabuleuses illustrations par l'une des stars du comics Joe Madureira, accompagnées par les designs de l’équipe artistique de Vigil Games vous montrera le développement et la promotion du second opus de Darksiders, jeux de fantasy apocalyptique.
Vous trouverez encore une riche sélection d'illustrations et croquis de recherches et développements des principaux personnages et environnements.
Pas tout à fait prêt pour la fin de toutes choses, Death est la pour empêcher Armageddon, voici donc le scénario de ce jeu, dérivé du livre des révélations dans la Bible.

HC 248pp Noir et Blanc
Visage impassible et déterminé  les yeux toujours cachés par une visière et un casque, le gardien de la paix du futur qu'est Judge Dredd n'a jamais été aussi bien illustré que par Brian Bolland.
L'un des artistes favoris de couvertures de comics a fait ses premières armes avec le personnage de Judge Dredd.
Les aventures du Judge Dredd parodient des aspects contemporains des sociétés Américaines et Anglaises, certains gags et jeux de mots sont tres spécifique mais les histoires font appellent à une culture plus générale.

2 x HC + Boite, 600+Couleur Noir et Blanc
Fantagraphics Books
Avant de devenir un artiste à succès et très respecte, Walt Kelly était l'un des talents travaillant sur les films de Disney.
Son style a eu une énorme influence sur les comics strips et sont talent lui a assuré un public loyal du début dans les années 40 jusqu'à sa mort au début des années 70.

SC 48pp Couleur
Mindee Lee, Garett hanna et Cory Loftis sont trois designers pour les jeux vidéos et l'animation.
Ce recueil est disponible dans des quantités limités, signé par les trois artistes.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hello readers so this is the time of year when retailers like to recommend certain items as the ideal gift.
We at Pulp's Art don't have corporate sponsors dangling a carrot or waving a stick at us and so we're loathed to suggest - on this site anyway - that any one item in our store would make a better gift than any other.
Frankly I think all our books, posters, prints, laminates, portfolios and our one collectible have plenty of potential to delight anyone lucky enough to receive any of them.
However, if you would like our assistance in selecting a gift then we will happily offer our advice, simply call into the shop or contact us.

If you were wondering, then yes we will be closed on December 25.

Wishes of peace on earth and good will to all are frequently expressed at this time of year but keeping these sentiments in mind through out the year, of understanding, compassion, respect and civility will surely make tragedies such as last Friday's in Connecticut less common, I sincerely hope so and our thoughts are with our many American friends.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hello readers, bare with me please I need to send a specific customer service announcements.
Would the lady who sent us payment for a delivery of the Bob Peak book contact us on the store's phone # please?

OK, to this week's new arrivals and given the inability of mainstream publishers to honor their initial on sale dates, let's be grateful to small and independent publishers for getting out new and original books.

SC 32pp Black + White
The first sketch book from this talented LA based animation artist, plenty of fan favorite characters from comics and film are featured in Cassandra's book.

SC 52pp Black + White
Axel is an animation and comic artist with 15 years on the clock as a professional.
These images were created on a trip to China and Japan, if you like your pages absolutely crammed with robotics and funny faces then this book should tickle your fancy.

SC 42pp Black + White
Stuart Ng Books
Our friend Stuart Ng has an amazing business in the LA suburb of Torrance and recently he had ace artist Eric Canete at his show room to sign copies of Eric's incredible retrospective Encore, for attending fans.
The images Eric created at this event where so good that Stuart decided to collect some of them in this book, the result is a fascinating collection of sketches with the freshness and spontaneity unique to these circumstances but which also testify to Eric's extraordinary talent and ability.

SC 44pp Black + White
Stuart Ng Books
A book from Paul is a pretty rare event, all too rare in my opinion but then work as good as Paul's takes a while to produce.
Anyway to mark his appearance at the Spectrum Live event past this summer in Kansas City, Paul teamed up with Stuart Ng to produce this book of his sketches.
If you like glowering, gloomy dwarfs peering out from under their heavy brows, or snarling demons and orcs with vicious fangs erupting from their slobbering maws then this is the book for you.
A timely arrival given Peter Jackson has just released the fist of his Hobbit films, which of course is a festival of all things fantastical and a celebration of wee folk!

And we stay in the realm of the diminutive, as we help Disney celebrate the 75th anniversary - with not one but two books - on the best movie adaptation of the Grimm boys tale, Snow White.

(Being the best adaptation of this tale might not be a huge accolade, "Snow White and the Huntsman" was completely compromised by the infamous talking mirror which had a grasp on female attractiveness about as firm as Karl Largerfeld's.
The same observation holds for "Mirror,Mirror", automatic assumptions that younger is better by the fashionistas who determine what's in or out in the world of fashion and media are just too pathetic, particularly given how wizened and wrinkly half these dried up old husks are!
Anyway, these live action films are good to look at but can't hope to match the achievement of task master Walt and his team.)

HC 256pp Color, Black + White
Weldon Owen
A through exploration, profusely illustrated, of the making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the original ground breaking full color animated feature film.
This fascinating book explores the production of the film, charting all the highs and lows experienced by the team as they worked to bring the project to its triumphal conclusion, with superb illustrations from every aspect of the film's production.

HC 320pp Color Black + White
Weldon Owen
While this book covers some of the territory of its predecessor it is a more comprehensive examination of the process and the cultural impact of this seminal film which ushered in the golden age of classic animation.
Again like its predecessor it features rare illustrations from the Disney archives covering film production but also designs for the movie poster and merchandising.

Finally to what must be one of the GOPs favorite comic books, featuring as it does a healthysh farther daughter relationship and their fearsome arsenal of guns!

SC 112pp Color
12 Gauge/Image
So yes this is really a graphic novel and we generally leave these to our sister store Pulp's Comics but given this is one of those rarest of beasts a comic story by the amazing Jason Pearson, we felt it had to be offered by us.
So Panda and her Pa, Clown Face, are bounty hunters in the near future, what they lack in planning they make up for with ammo and attitude.
This second collection features the last four PC lite adventures of the farther and daughter team, including two extremely rare stories originally published by Dark Horse in black and white but recolored for this edition.

I leave you with some information, we have a brand new batch of laminates including paintings by Norman Rockwell and Frank C McCarthy and we have a restock of new printings of Kim Jung Gi's sketchbooks, both 2007 and 2011 though the supplier has made these new printings a tad more expensive than their previous incarnations.

So, if you need inspiration for original or rare gift ideas might we suggest you make a B line to Pulp's Art!

SC 32pp Noir et Blanc
Le premier sketchbook de cette talentueuse artiste de l'animation habitant à LA, de nombreux personnages de comics et de films ainsi que quelques décors.

SC 52pp Noir et Blanc
Axel travaille pour l'animation et les comics depuis 15 ans.
Ces images ont été créées durant des voyages en Chine et au Japon, si vous aimez les têtes marrantes et les robots alors vous aimerez ce livre.

SC 42pp Noir et Blanc
Stuart Ng Books
Notre ami Stuart Ng qui a une très belle librairie à Torrance dans la banlieue de LA a organisé récemment une dédicace avec le dessinateur Eric Canette à l'occasion de la sortie de son artbook Encore.
Les dessins fait pendant cette dédicace était si bon que Stuart a décidé de les recueillir dans un livre, le résultat est un ensemble de croquis avec une fraîcheur et une spontanéité unique au dédicace mais avec le grand talent d'Eric.

SC 44pp Noir et Blanc
Stuart Ng Books
Un livre de Paul est un évènement plutôt rare, trop rare à mon humble avis mais son travail prend du temps à être produit.
Pour marquer sa venue cet été au Spectrum Live, Paul s'est associé avec Stuart Ng pour produire ce sketchbook.
Si vous aimez les nains et autres créatures fantastiques alors ce livre est pour vous.

HC 256pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Weldon Owen
Une exploration, richement illustré, du making of de Blanche neige et les sept nains.
Ce livre fascinant explore la production du film, nous racontons les hauts et bas qu'a vécu l’équipe pour produire ce chef d'oeuvre de l'animation, avec de nombreuses illustrations des différentes étapes de fabrications.

HC 320pp Couleur, Noir et Blanc
Weldon Owen
Ce livre reprend quelques informations de son prédécesseur et de nombreuses études du procédé et de l'impact culturel de ce film de l'age d'or de l'animation.
Et comme son prédécesseur il contient de nombreuses illustrations des archives de Disney sur la production du film ainsi que les recherches pour les affiches et produits dérivés.

SC 112pp Couleur
12 Gauge/Image
Donc Panda et son père, Clown Face, sont des tueurs à gage dans un futur proche, et ce qui leur manque de stratégie ils le remplacent par leurs munitions et leur efficacité.
Ce second recueil contient les quatre dernières aventures de l’équipe  incluant deux histoires rares publiées en noir et blanc et colorisées pour l'occasion.

Nous venons de recevoir de nouveaux laminés incluant des peintures par Norman Rockwell et Frank C McCarthy, nous avons également reçu un réassort des sketchbooks 2007 et 2011 de Kim Jung Gi.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Hello again readers I'm back, refreshed from my brief break I'm looking forward to assisting our customers during the run up to the holidays and beyond.

Before introducing this week's new arrivals it beholds me to thank Adnan for his sterling work in holding down the Pulp's Art fort while I was away, thanks buddy.

And so to this week's new books, now our remit here is to offer the best selection in illustration and entertainment art and in our quest to bring you the best looking books around we some times find our selves with a book not of illustration but photographs, as we do now.

HC 256pp Color Black + White
A glimpse inside the studio of the pioneering photographer of glamour and a lovely lady in her own right, Bunny Yeager.
In this delightful book Bunny talks about making the magic and her relationship with her models, including the iconic Bettie Page.
This nicely produced book is brimming with images of the gorgeous gals Bunny shot during her career, nostalgia has seldom looked better!

We keep things retro but stoke up the boiler with,

SC 352pp Color Black + White
Eric Stanton was a weird one and if you want to know just how odd he turned out then check out this collection of his strip art and book covers.
Eric liked his women big, in charge and on top, preferably the empowered amazons, he chose to draw, would be wielding a devise capable of administering a stinging rebuke to those who find this sort of thing degenerate and the poor saps hankering for the kinky sorts of punishment he also felt compelled to depict!

We stay back in the day but with art of a much more wholesome stripe, as we review another wonderful issue of,

SC 80pp Color Black + White
Illustration never disappoints, each issue is a wonderful blend of informative essays on extraordinary artists of the golden age of illustration acompanied by a host of stunning illustrations and this latest issue is no exception.
Featured artists in this issue are Pete Hawley, William Ira Teason and from an earlier era the Titan from the Rhineland, Heinrich Kley.

Fans of Kley's work will be pleased to know we hope to have in the very near future two new books featuring the work of this amazing artist, watch this blog spot!

Now for something completely different,

SC 300pp Color
Image Comics
Abhishek Singh recounts the tale of the great god Krishna here, using the comic format and in a style reminiscent of Ben Caldwell's Action Classics while doing full justice to the richness of his cultural heritage.

To conclude this section on the week's new imports we've two great sketch books by artists from here but very popular over there,

SC 52pp Color Black + White
Essential Sequential
To celebrate the Spanish super stars appearance at the recent NYC Comic Con, Juanjo worked with Jason at Essential Sequential to put this sketch book together for the fans.
Needless to say the book looks terrific, containing a variety of images in varying stages of completion, showcasing this talented artist's abilities.

SC 96pp Color
Essential Sequntial
A collection of color commissions by Marvel artist Paolo Rivera, most of the images are head shots of fan favorite characters.
This book was produced in a very limited run and we'd advise any readers tempted by this title to contact us or call into the store at their earliest opportunity.

Finally we'll round off this selection of releases with two new books from the busiest artist in BD, Didier Crisse,

HC 56pp Color
Crisse serves as writer and story boarder for this team up with his frequent collaborator Fred Besson to tell this charming tale for an all age audience of the animals inhabiting Africa's savanna, a bonus feature is several pages of sketches and development art.

And the boys are together again for,

HC 128pp Color
An art book exploring recent projects the two artists have collaborated on, lots of fun images including portraits of various characters as tiny tots.

The boys don't seem to stop and will soon be back with a new volume of their heroine, Atalante's adventures.

We hope to see you here soon at Pulp's Art but if you live far away or even abroad then please visit our mail order website at

HC 256pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Un coup d'oeil dans le studio d'une pionnière de la photographie glamour qui est également une femme charmante, Bunny Yeager.
Dans ce superbe livre Bunny parle de son art et de ses relations avec ses modèles  incluant l'icone Betty Page.
Ce livre est rempli de photos des magnifiques modèles que Bunny a photographié durant sa carrière!

SC 352pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Eric Stanton était un homme étrange et si vous voulez savoir à quel point alors feuilletez ce recueil de ses bandes dessinées et couvertures de romans.
Eric aimé ses femmes grandes, dominantes et au dessus, de véritables amazones, pouvant le punir, et tout cela il se sentait obligé de l'illustrer!

SC 80pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Illustration ne déçoit jamais, chaque numéro est un merveilleux mélange d'essais sur d'extraordinaire artistes de l'age d'or de l'illustration accompagnés de magnifiques illustrations et ce nouveau numéro ne fait pas exception.
Les artistes presentés dans ce numéro sont Pete Hawley, William Ira Teason et un maître plus ancien Heinrich Kley.

Les fans de Kley seront contents d'apprendre que nous recevrons dans peu de temps de nouveaux livres de cet incroyable artiste.

SC 300pp Couleur
Image Comics
Abhishek Singh nous conte l'histoire du dieu Krishna en utilisant le format du comics et un style rappelant Ben Caldwell tout rendant hommage à la richesse de son héritage culturel.

SC 52pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
Essential Sequential
Afin de célébrer la venue de la super star Espagnole au dernier NYC Comicon, Juanjo a travaillé avec Jason de Essential Sequential pour proposer ce sketchbook a ses fans.
Le livre est génial, il contient une variété d'images à différentes étapes, montrant les capacités incroyables de cet artiste.

SC 96pp Color
Essential Sequential
Un recueil de comissions peintes par l'artiste de chez Marvel Comics Paolo Rivera, la plupart sont des portraits de personnages.
Ce sketchbook est tres limité.

HC 56pp Couleur
Crisse est l'auteur et le storyboarder de cette collaboration avec Fred Besson.
Ils nous presente à travers une charmante histoire pour tout age les animaux peuplant la savanne Africaine, avec en bonus plusieurs pages de croquis et recherches.

HC 128pp Couleur
Un artbook explorant des projets recents des deux artistes de Kalimbo, beaucoup de belles images incluant des portraits de belles heroines.