Monday, December 17, 2012


Hello readers so this is the time of year when retailers like to recommend certain items as the ideal gift.
We at Pulp's Art don't have corporate sponsors dangling a carrot or waving a stick at us and so we're loathed to suggest - on this site anyway - that any one item in our store would make a better gift than any other.
Frankly I think all our books, posters, prints, laminates, portfolios and our one collectible have plenty of potential to delight anyone lucky enough to receive any of them.
However, if you would like our assistance in selecting a gift then we will happily offer our advice, simply call into the shop or contact us.

If you were wondering, then yes we will be closed on December 25.

Wishes of peace on earth and good will to all are frequently expressed at this time of year but keeping these sentiments in mind through out the year, of understanding, compassion, respect and civility will surely make tragedies such as last Friday's in Connecticut less common, I sincerely hope so and our thoughts are with our many American friends.

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