Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hi readers, so I haven't left yet giving me time to acquaint you with the scrumptious and yummy Banana Girl.

Pictures will do a better job than me prattling on about this amazing new statue, so here's the hard data you need to know, she stands 16,51 cm/6.5 inches tall, including the base, there are only 225 of her, she also comes sans skirt and there are only 25 of this very limited edition.
She is designed by Pixar artist Bill Presing, she is sculptured by Anders Ehrenborg and these gentlemen were commissioned by Digital Banana to work their magic.

OK you'll have noticed she isn't a book or a print but she's clearly linked to what we like and so she's the first collectible we're offering and we're both delighted and pleased this is the case.
Don't go looking for her at the grocer, Banana Girl is only available at very select locations and we're proud Pulp's Art is one of these.

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