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Banish whatever blues this lousy weather maybe giving you by popping into the dry confines of Pulp's Art where these tasty treats await.

Last week I was telling you about the marvelous Massive Swerve # 4 from animator Robert Valley and that he was having an exhibition at the Arludik gallery here in Paris.
I explained it wasn't a one man show and Robert's work is sharing wall space with that of his pal, Jorden Oliwa aka Johnny Gonzo, and we happen to have some of Jo's amazing work in da howz - as the youth might put it - in these two wonderfully weird and original books.

SC 80pp Color Black + White
Imagine if the demigod Hercules/Herakles was walking around today aspiring to be a gangsta rapper, then imagine his misadventures were presented by an artist who seemed to be a demented cocktail of Robert Valley and Bill Seinkiewicz at his most experimental, then lace the cocktail with some acid and hey presto you are half way to the far reaches where Jorden has gone with these thoroughly entertaining graphic novels.

HC 200pp Color Black + White
Amanda Conner's clean confident lines have graced the covers and interiors of comics for both the major US publishers and perhaps on account of her being as nice as she is talented they've given their consent for some of these cool images to share space in this nice tribute to a fine talent; and one of the few ladies that side of the pond cutting the rug in the mucho macho monde of comic book artists.
Her hubby Jimmy Palmiotti provides the introduction, so what it might lack in objectivity it makes up for in warmth and sincerity, join the love in here! 

OK any readers easily offended, or of a prudish disposition should avert their gaze from the following image, because despite it having been self censored by the publisher it's still a table toppling zip buster!!

SC 24pp Black +White
Amryl Entertainment
It was only recently that I noticed just how much fun and affection Budd Root is pouring into the images he creates of his character Cavewoman.
What's not to like here, a plucky and very well upholstered young women battles prehistoric monsters, occasionally clad in fetching fur loin cloth and sports bra, which barely clad her two magnetic poles located in the north east and south west quadrants of her toned, tanned torso, oh and said furry outfit has a habit of slipping and falling off, naturally.
As well as the featured image of the 2009 Heroes Convention Art Book we have the 2011 Baltimore Convention Art Book, both are signed by Mr Root and are crammed with images of this delightful damsel with her titanic curves!

SC 144pp Color Black + White
Pascal Blanchet is an art director in the realm of video games, he's also an inspired creator of stunning fantasy images and digital sculpts.
This book provides a showcase of Pascal's work and is an opportunity for a veritable who's who of top sci-fi and fantasy artists to express their admiration and respect for it.
Pascal sportingly let's us in on how he makes the magic, walking the reader through the process of making amazing pieces of 3D art digitally.

SC 240pp Color Black + White
3D Total Publishing
Once again the team at 3D Total Publishing show you how to utilize the latest technology to make art.
This time it's the ZBrush program, an ironic term perhaps for a platform which enables you to sculpt but there it is.
As with their previous books a collection of pros walk you through the process, techniques and the possibilities, added to which are lots of instructional and inspirational images.

Off with the new and on with the old,

HC 256pp Color Black + White
A wonderful collection of rarely reprinted, seldom seen humor strips which reveal the funnier side of Frank Frazetta, the undisputed king of muscular fantasy art.
Frank's art is never less than dynamic and gorgeously drawn but here he gives full reign to his playful sense of humor, which his better known work sometimes hinted at.

HC 56pp Color
Spanish artist Enrique Fernandez brings us his latest opus, a bewitching brew of tyrants, slaves, demons, heroes and heroines in a mythical setting. 
Inspired by the mystery and intrigue of the Tales of the Arabian Nights, the dazzling colors of Bollywood and the absurdity of Baron Munchausen and using a vivid pallet, the story rockets along towards the forthcoming concluding volume.

Finally, we must make mention of the first of the eagerly anticipated movie blockbusters for this year, as this week sees the release in cinemas of THE AVENGERS.
Initial reports are favorable, it would seem that Joss Whedon and his teams behind and in front of the camera deliver up an enjoyable and entertaining romp.

Currently the comic incarnation of the Avengers are handing the X-Men their behinds in the opening salvos of the so far decidedly one sided cross over event Avengers vs X-Men.
If this is going to prove in any ways compelling - though it should be remembered this is a crossover - Marvel's scribes need to have the Mutants down an A list Avenger and soon!

Next week we'll be getting the art book for the movie, meanwhile we have the individual books for the Captain America and Thor movies and this hulking collection featuring the aforementioned titles plus both Ironman Art ofs.

Next week we'll be in Barcelona for the Ficomic salon, see some of you amigos there I hope!

Banissez le blues que ce sale temps vous donne en venant vous perdre dans le chaud confort de Pulp's Art où vous attendent tous ces beaux ouvrages.

La semaine dernière je vous ai parlé du merveilleux Massive Swerve # 4 par l'animateur Robert Valley et de son exposition à la gallerie Arludik à Paris.
Je vous ai expliqué qu'il partageait son exposition avec son ami, Jorden Oliwa aka Johnny Gonzo, et nous venons de recevoir deux de ses ouvrages bizarres et originals.  

SC 80pp Couleur Noir et Blanc

Imaginait si le demi Dieu Hercules/Herakles existait aujourd'hui et esperait devenir un gangsta rapper, imaginait alors que ses aventures soient contées par un artiste qui serait un melange de Robert Valley et Bill Sienkiewicz à son epoque la plus experimentale, alors vous ne seriez qu'à la moitié de ce que Jorden fait dans ses ouvrages.

HC 200pp Couleur Noir et Blanc

Les lignes claires et confiantes d'Amanda Conner ont remplies les couvertures et les pages interieures des comics des deux plus grands editeurs Americains et surement parce qu'elle est aussi gentille qu'elle est talentueuse ils ont donné leur consentement pour que son travail pour eux partage le même espace dans cet hommage de son talent.
Son mari et encreur Jimmy Palmiotti ecrit l'introduction donc ce qui manque d'objectivité est contrebalancé par de la chaleur et de la sincerité!

SC 24pp Noir et Blanc
Amryl Entertainment

Ce n'est que recemment que j'ai remarqué combien de fun et d'affection Budd Root mettait dans les dessins qu'il créait pour son personnage Cavewoman.
Et comment ne pas aimé, une jeune femme courageuse qui combat des monstres prehistoriques, à la peau tannée, et qui a la sale manie de perdre les peaux et fourrures qui lui servent d'habits.
Nous avons le Art Book de la Heroes Convention de 2009 et celui de la Baltimore Convention de 2011, les deux signées par Mr Root et remplies d'images de delicieuses demoiselles ayant des courbes sublimes.

SC 144pp Couleur Noir et Blanc

Pascal Blanchet est un directeur artistique dans le monde du jeux videos, il est egalement un createur inspiré d'incroyables images de fantaisies et de sculptures numeriques.
Ce livre vous montre un apercu du travail de Pascal et des temoignages de grands artistes de sci-fi et de fantaisie  qui expriment leur admiration et respect pour lui.
Pascal nous laisse aussi voir comment s'opere la magie, en montrant au lecteur comment realiser d'incroyables pieces en 3d numerique.

SC 240pp Couleur Noir et Blanc
3D Total Publishing

Une fois encore l'equipe de 3D Total Publishing nous montre comment utiliser les dernieres technologies pour faire de l'art.
Cette fois c'est avec le programme ZBrush, comme dans les precedents livres de cette collection, des professionnels vous montrent les procedes, les techniques et possibilités de ce programme à travers des tutoriaux et de nombreuses images.

HC 256pp Couleur Noir et Blanc

Un superbe recueil de reimpressions rares, voici des strips d'humour qui montrent le coté cartooniste de Frank Frazetta, le roi indetrônable de la fantaisie.
Ces strips sont moins dynamiques et sublimes que ses illustrations et peintures habituelles mais Frank nous montre tout son sens de l'humour.

HC 56pp Couleur

L'artiste Espagnol Enrique Fernandez nous presente son dernier opus, empli de tyrants, esclaves, demons , heros et heroines le tout dans un decor mythique.
Inspiré par le mystère et l'intrigue des contes des Milles et Une Nuits, les eblouissantes couleurs de Bollywood et l'absurdité du Baron Munchausen, l'histoire est incroyable.

Finalement voici enfin la sortie du premier et tres attendu blockbuster de l'année, The Avengers.
Les premieres critiques sont plutot bonne, Joss Whedon et son equipe nous proposent un divertissement extraordinaire.

D'ailleurs la semaine prochaine nous recevrons le Art Book du film, en attendant nous avons les Art Books des precedents films en magasin.

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