Thursday, December 22, 2011


We're making this announcement a bit late because air lines and freight agents play fast and loose with freight at this time of year and our delivery for this week is much later than normal!
Still as we enter the home stretch to Christmas let me take this opportunity to wish all our customers and those of you who follow the Blog a stupendous Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Hmm 2012 happens to be a year the Mayans had booked for cataclysm, the world as we know it ending but I'm not expecting the skies over Kansas to fill with rapturous bloated nudes floating to heaven, thankfully.
For sure this wont be an easy time for us, our empty leaders, political and commercial, are bereft of ideas and the will to address the issues afflicting us as the remote elite become more remote and more elite.
This will be a time for keeping ones spirits up and if we at Pulp's Art, Comics and Toys can assist with that then we're happy to do so.

One event shortly occurring in 2012 which I know will bring a fair bit of cheer will be the release of the gorgeous Flesk books, The Art of Craig Elliott and Naughty & Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm; so straight away - first week of January, John the publisher tells me - there are reasons to be cheerful!
And as the year progresses we'll continue bringing to you the best books on illustration and 2D entertainment art we can get our hands on, right up to Armageddon if that's what's going to happen.

So enough of this bipolar seesawing between gloom and cheer let's run through the new books in house this week.

HC 118pp Color
Editions Xavier Barral
Familiar urban landscapes from right here on planet earth are populated with people and things from the Star Wars galaxy, in these atmospheric and compelling photographs by Cedric Delsaux.
These images prove the gigantic talent of the designers behind the SW films and also of Cedric Delsaux given their look of absolute authenticity.
(Yes it's not an illustrated book but a customer asked and we aim to please so here it is.)

HC 180pp Black + White
Baby Tattoo
Gris Grimly's punk goth aesthetic has been pleasing the terminally angry and despondent for several years now.
If you like Tim Burton's style you are pretty sure to like Mr Grimly's, so why not call in and take a peek at this very cool collection of his sketches.

This isn't the only book by Gris Grimly's work we have in stock as we've opened an account with Baby Tattoo, publishers of the visually weird and wonderful, here's a few more of their great books.

HC 180pp Color
Baby Tattoo
Ragnar indulge's his passion for retro and pulp chic in this book of his development work for a future project pitting gorgeous gals in uniform against robots in a futuristic setting, which combines ultra modern designs with those recalling the 60s, get ready for Big City.

HC 240pp Color, Black + White
Baby Tattoo
Sketch Theatre is the brain child of Alex Alvarez who wished to draw people's attention to the amazing array of opportunities for the visually gifted.
This book collects work by 50 professional creators who make a living from creating images, be it designing for films, games, fashion, advertising, etc. 

HC 192pp Black + White
The Maakies man offers us 500 pictures of the great and not so good, as well as some experience learnt the hard way while touring in Europe, fun all the way with the famous and infamous !

So this has been my last missive before Christmas but I'll be back between now and the New Year, here's hoping it'll be peace on earth and goodwill to all.

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